Hello and welcome to Fur Pants!

We are an animal clothing and supplies company that provides both fun and practical products to all pet owners and their furry friends.  As pet owners, we know how much you love your four-legged friends and want to give them the best life possible.  We also know how fun and enjoyable our pets are therefore, we are focused on providing products that range from practical to down-right humorous.

While we aim to provide our customers with fun and sensible products, we know that there are a lot of animals out there who are not as fortunate to have such loving owners. It is a sad fact of life that many animals suffer from cruelty and neglect and need to be rescued. Therefore, Fur Pants has committed to donate a portion of our profits to the Humane Society through each product we sell. The Humane Society is an organization that is dedicated to animal rescue and we are honored to provide our customers with the opportunity to contribute to their cause.

Our mission statement is “Giving Back Through Fun” and to us here at Fur Pants, “Giving Back Though Fun” means contributing to an organization that is devoted to eliminating animal cruelty, via the amusing and lighthearted products we offer our customers and their pets.  We believe that animals have a lot to teach us therefore our goals are to:

  • Spread a playful attitude towards life that pets inspire in all of us.
  • Spread the unconditional love that our pets give us, to animals that are less fortunate.

We hope you enjoy our site and thank you for shopping with us!